Hotel sustainability isn't just about reducing environmental impact; it's about creating memorable guest experiences, supporting local communities, and safeguarding the planet for future generations. By embracing sustainability as a core value, our goal is to differentiate ourselves in a competitive market while making meaningful contributions to environmental conservation and social responsibility.


These are the area we are constantly working on:

Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation, Waste Management, Sustainable Sourcing,
Community Engagement, Guest Education.


Regional & local

                                                                            Regional, local …      

                                                                                                      … just perfect!


Our Products

  • Our cold meats und meat specialities are both from Family owned Butcheries Stöckle in Rain and Leinfelder in Buchdorf.
  • Our schwäbisch Hellischen Rind are from Stadelmann who only acquire their meat from surrounding and quality tested farms..
  • Alos the hunter Thomas Schmid from Altisheim delivers us with freshly shot Venison
  • Our honey is produced in Leitheim Herr Rotzer from Leitheimer bees.
  • Our fresh fruits and vegetables Hurler Fruit und Veggie Store from Remlingen.
  • Our Coffe is produced in a family company in Fürstenfelbrück Rösterei Cafe Fino.
  • Our wood for the fireplace is from Leitheim, Herrn Bock.
  • Our praline chocolates are produced in Leitheim, Gerda Koch.
  • Our herbs we plant ourselves in our herb garden. Apples, walnuts and quitt come from our own garden.
  • We also produce our own wine Pinot Blanc and Merlot from our own Vineyards.